A Better Southwest: New Face, New Ideas, New Tomorrow!


Dear Southwest Jefferson County,

Like you, I am tired of being considered a second-rate citizen. As your neighbor, I look at our current leadership and only shake my head in confusion and disappointment. Today, I am prepared to make you a promise. Things are going to change.

Did you know that Southwest Jefferson County has its own seat in our State House of Representatives? That’s right! Valley Station & Pleasure Ridge Park are entitled to a vote on every piece of legislation proposed in Kentucky. With that said, can you name the individual who currently serves as your voice in Frankfort? Rep. Charlie Miller has failed us.

As a proud graduate of Valley High School, I understand what it feels like to be overlooked. Would you have guessed that the Representative from Valley Station & Pleasure Ridge Park was the Co-Chair of the House Education Committee? Me neither. I don’t know about you, but I sure am tired of hearing the negative publicity about the students in our community being “low performance.” Rep. Miller may be a retired Principal, but he’s sure failed this test. Today more than ever, our Dixie Highway community deserves a fighter.

Are you ready to shop? Despite the economy slowly bouncing back, Dixie Highway continues to trail neighboring communities in economic development. Did you know that our current Representative in Frankfort serves as the Co-Chair of both the ‘Labor & Industry” and ‘Licensing & Occupations’ Committee? It’s okay. We’re all asking why a person of such influence isn’t helping fill our vacant warehouses on the Greenbelt or meeting with business executives about investing in our community.

You would probably agree that Southwest Jefferson County is unique. We are our own community. We have a sense of pride unmatched by any neighboring city or town. Dixie Highway is worth fighting for. We love our neighborhood, our friends, our schools, and enjoy a spirit like none other in Louisville. We deserve that same energy from those who represent us in our State Capitol. In 2016, things can change. Are you prepared to join me?

Your neighbor,

James Young

SB41 – Physician Assistant’s Deserve Rights!

Do Frankfort lawmakers have “white coat syndrome?” During the 2014 legislative session, Kentucky legislators will be faced with Senate Bill 41 as sponsored by Republican Senator Tom Buford of Central Kentucky. This resolution addresses the rights of Physician Assistant’s in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

First, the education. Don’t let the title fool you! A Physician Assistant is not necessarily an “assistant” to the “physician.” For example, is a Nurse Practitioner just a nurse? Of coarse not. Most unknowing common folk would probably admit, “their more than nurse, but their not a doctor.” Which is true. In Kentucky, a Physician Assistant is a medical provider who attended medical school alongside MD students, trained to work alongside supervising Physicians. Unlike Nurse Practitioners, who are often found at “Little Clinics,” urgent care facilities, and at internal/family practices, Physician Assistant’s cannot prescribe controlled substances or consult with patients without a supervising Medical Doctor signing off on their notes/procedures.

Now, let’s get something straight. An ARNP can prescribe controlled substances such as Rx’s for ADHD despite never attending “medical school,” but a Physician Assistant (who does attend MD school) cannot. Does this appear odd? Don’t get me wrong, Nurse Practitioners are worthy of their medical accolades, but why cut a Physician Assistant who studies alongside Medical Doctor students short of the same rights? It’s all in a name.

Senate Bill 41 is a huge step in the right direction for Kentucky Physician Assistants. The resolution would allow supervising medical doctors to review just 10% of Physician Assistant office notes in a 30-day period. This will ultimately free-up the unnecessary time spent by MD’s on reviewing the notes of these medically trained, state-approved healthcare providers. Again, this only makes sense!

Kentucky Physician Assistant’s deserve respect. This bill will only improve accessibility to healthcare treatment in our Commonwealth. Thanks for reading!

Are Casino’s Bad?

CasinoAre Casino’s Always Bad?

As the debate continues on whether to legalize expanded gaming in Kentucky, more and more lawmakers are beginning to take sides on the matter. Two proposed bills are currently pending debate in Frankfort, one authored by Democrat Rep. Larry Clark, the other Republican Sen. Dan Seum; both of Louisville. However, it appears that Kentucky’s “Bible belt” lawmakers feel conflicted about whether to support such legislation. Let’s have a discussion.

One fact that is often misinterpreted in the debate to expand gaming is that the two proposed bill’s do NOT actually legalize the act. The two proposals would simply push the issue of whether to allow slots/table gambling to the voters of Kentucky. When a lawmaker comes forward with a “Nay” note, they aren’t voting against casino’s themselves… their voting against YOUR right to vote on the matter. For example, the 2004 “Marriage Amendment” faced statewide approval to ban homosexual marriages in Kentucky.

Despite a January 2013 poll of 29-counties in Eastern Kentucky showing a 56% approval of expanded gaming, this unproven idea that Kentucky residents find casino gambling “immoral” has been used as a dominate talking point for opponents. Even Rep. Tim Moore of Elizabethtown admitted that he even opposed Kentucky voters the opportunity to vote the matter. Wait, “Conservatives” trust state voters to side with them on the moral issue of marriage, but not the “moral issue” of gaming? I use quotations on “moral issue” because as a Christian myself, I’m yet to be convinced that what is being proposed is morally wrong.

While speaking to a group of students last week @ PRP High, Senator Dan Seum was asked whether he supported the controversial lottery amendment several years ago. His response made sense: “At the time, I questioned whether voting to sell lottery tickets was the right thing to do. But you know what I did? I voted to allow the people to decide, then went to the ballot box and voted against it.” If you’re opposed to gaming because you find the act against your interpretation of the Holy Bible “immoral,” then why express so by voting against the proposed language in Frankfort? Voters have the right to decide on this matter! As Rep. Tim Moore stated during that KET interview, the people of Elizabethtown did elect him to represent their best interests in the state legislature. Let’s be honest: Would the voters of Elizabethtown agree that denying them an opportunity to vote of expanded gaming represents “their best interests?” Probably not.

Another wing of the debate coming from gaming opponents is that the continuous push for casino’s in Kentucky is “alienating Conservative voters.” As a friend recently explained his feelings, he asked: “why should Republicans alienate their constituency by voting for gaming while our focus should be on winning the State House?” Don’t be fooled by this distraction. Remember, voters want to vote on this matter! This issue is not about Republicans or Democrats, it’s about jobs, revenue, the future of Kentucky horse racing, and much more.

We must stop pretending that anything and everything associated with casino gaming is “bad.” Ask a high school senior whether they find their “KEES” scholarship money “immoral.” After all, these scholarships are funded by a portion of the revenues collected from lottery sales. As a matter of fact, the Kentucky Lottery has earned $2 BILLION in scholarship money for in-state students. Is that bad? Again, ask a high school student. Better yet, ask your lawmaker!

Another talking point used by casino opponents is that only low-paying jobs are created. First, the fact that outside investors will certainly build new structures/buildings/towers is immediate evidence that well-paying projects would be rewarded to local construction companies. Secondly, the employment base of facilities such as MGM, Trump, & Horseshoe do not simply hire $8/hr labor. Think about it! These facilities must hire culinary chef’s, wedding coordinators, accountants, business managers, etc. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor & Statistics, a generic casino card dealer earned an average salary of $22,410 in 2012. The same report also shows that casino managers earned an average of $71,390 a year! Are these numbers bad? How hypocritical are we to complain about the number of individuals on unemployment yet deny them an opportunity to simply vote for an opportunity to receive a job in one of these facilities?

Is expanded gaming the solution to all of the economic problems our state may be facing? Absolutely not! Is every person who enters a casino, burns $100 in under an hour considered a “bad” person? I bet your local lawmakers do not consider the cake walk at the local parish picnic “bad,” am I right? We wouldn’t dare tell our local Knights of Columbus that selling pull-tabs at the local fish fry’s are “bad,” would we? Probably not; because we understand that those proceeds benefit the community, provide scholarships for students to attend their learning centers, to help struggling neighbors with food or shelter.

I won’t bother explaining the countless other benefits such as the increased number of visiting concerts/conventions, luxury spa’s & hotels, fine-dine restaurants, tourists, and more. Please reconsider your position on expanded gaming. Supporting these bills is not about morals, it’s about giving the people of Kentucky the right to decide their own future. In the words of Michael Jackson: “to tell you once again, who’s bad?”

My Year In Review: Loyalty Means Everything!

What a year! 2013 has brought me some pretty interesting twists and turns. Mostly, these past twelve months have taught me one thing: loyalty means everything.

Collin Powell once said, “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” Throughout this year, I’ve seen so many people in local politics burn their fake friendships with others at the expense of bettering themselves, earning some over glorified position, or at times even to keep the gossip scene hot. (Which is why we lose races by the way)

This year, I’ve learned to appreciate the difference between “friends” and acquaintances. This year, I’ve had to distinguish myself from those who just talk, and those that DO! This year, I’ve tried to show appreciation to those around me. 2013 showed me the meaning of loyalty. It really offered me an opportunity to redefine myself as not just another “friend,” but as someone who is a walking, talking example of gratefulness to those who have always been there.

I think about Senator Seum. A man who despite serving in Frankfort longer than I’ve been alive, has never been too busy for me. A guy who is a breathing example of who I want to be in fifty years. Someone who calls me more than I call him, even if to just smoke a cigar on his back porch.

I think about Rachel Ford. Besides being my neighbor, Rachel has seen me cheer, cry, and have borderline mental breakdowns in the name of changing my community. She’s not just my partner in crime, but she’s a big sister who I pray doesn’t ever get mad that I honk my horn at her every night when I pass her house.

I think about Rachael Sinclair. A longtime friend who sought out my friendship when even I was a newbie in the Young Republicans. Who by the way, is the greatest graphic designer in Louisville, period.

I think about Mike Nemes who calls me at 10:30pm just to discuss random political thoughts, always stops to have coffee with me in the middle of the week, has talked me off the ledge over my frustration with party politics, and never fails to ask about my wife.

I think about Dr. Jim Gedra. From riding stomach-turning roller coasters to four hour long road trips, Jim always has my back. He refuses to let others speak ill about me and supports my vision of growing the Kentucky Young Republican network.

Do yourself a favor, make 2014 about loyalty. Remember those who remember you, always. Let those who truly mean something to you know you care back. No more of this petty “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” partnerships. Own 2014 for yourself, your friends, for loyalty!

Expanded Gaming: The Time Is Now!

As a Southern Baptist, the issue of expanded gaming has always been a tough one. Anyone else remember Governor Ernie Fletcher’s failed campaign to win re-election? His slogan was literally: “No Casinos!” The idea of casino gambling in the Commonwealth is nothing new. As a matter of fact, it has plagued my own family for years. But before we get to that story, let’s take a look at what others are saying about this issue!

anthonysullivanWhen I approached Anthony Sullivan, a software developer from Iroquois, he was quick to express his feelings on the matter. “I support gaming in Kentucky because I believe that we as a state need to think about new revenue sources other than raising taxes on our citizens or the corporations that provide jobs to Kentuckians.” Sullivan then presented an argument that I quite honestly hadn’t thought about: “Moral opposition to gaming in Kentucky is founded on the idea that we are unable to make our own decisions on where and how to spend our time and money wisely.” Zing! He finished by saying, “We do not need the government or the media telling us private citizens what is best for us.” Now that’s language even the most conservative of lawmakers can sympathize with.

Next, I caught up with SinclairRachael Sinclair, a graphic designer from Lyndon. Her response was simple: “The people who are going to gamble will do it no matter where the casino is. I can’t imagine it would make much of a difference in regards to violence and such, but it WOULD make a difference with the state budget.” Speaking of state money, Rachael suggested that gaming profits could “support future projects similar to the Big Four Bridge or growth at Waterfront Park.”


David Hittle, a Louisville native currently studying Constitutional Law at Liberty University, seemed to have mixed feelings about expanded gaming in Kentucky. Though admitting he visited Southern Indiana’s Horseshoe Casino often, Hittle explained that he feels the horse industry (AKA Churchill Downs) was too involved in the process. “I agree that we must have a conversation about gaming in Kentucky, but not if we’re going to say who can or cannot receive the license or benefits.” He concluded by saying, “I may enjoy racing, but Churchill Downs shouldn’t be the only horse in the race.”


Then came Jonathan Gaby. “I feel that it’s a bad policy for Kentucky to pursue. Governor Beshear championed gaming as a fix to the myriad of fiscal problems, like education funding,” he said. Gaby continued his opposition: “Kentucky’s problems will not be solved by slot machines, poker tables, or the roulette wheel. Real solutions include tax reform, attracting tech businesses, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship.” He even concluded with a piece of advice; “Instead of focusing on slots, Kentucky’s lawmakers should focus on real solutions.”

With all of this said, I find it interesting that not one person I spoke with mentioned Christianity. Again, this subject is tough for any person of faith. Even Senator Dan Seum, who successfully passed the one man-one woman amendment, has received flack for becoming the face of expanded gaming in Frankfort. In my particular denomination of Christianity, gambling is considered a sin. Though, it was Senator Seum himself who recently said: “You know why we call it gaming, right? You see, gambling is a immoral. Gaming? That’s just revenue.” So, let me explain why I support the expansion of gaming in Kentucky.

Jimmy Young

For me, gaming is personal. For the last fifteen years, my father has worked Security at Churchill Downs. At that time, he was a full-time armed guard who enjoyed health insurance, dental insurance, 401k benefits, and tasks that included guarding former President Jimmy Carter, Rick Pitino, Pat Day, and the list continues. Roughly five years ago, my father was laid off, stripped of his benefits & 401k. After seeking part-time employment at Bellarmine University, my father was eventually hired back to Churchill Downs earning half of his original pay, with absolutely zero benefits. Going from forty-plus hour schedules to sometimes less than twenty, life has become tough. It’s what my now late-50′s diabetic, uninsured father was told when he recently approached his supervisor about working more hours that has decided this issue for me. He kindly explained that Churchill Downs’ has seen a continuous decline in purses, overall profit, and that they were desperate for additional sources of revenue. The truth is, casino gaming could save my father’s job. If casino gaming were to pass, my father would see an increase in hours almost immediately.

Those who know anything about me, typically mock my closeness with Senator Dan Seum. One reason why Dan means what he does to my family is because he was willing to listen to our story. He realizes the struggle that my family has experienced as a result of the decline in profits at Churchill Downs. He felt our pain when he learned that my father no longer has the insurance needed for his diabetic check-ups. As the Senator explained to my mother, “This is about the jobs. I want the jobs. We NEED those jobs.” He’s right!

This is why I support the expansion of gaming in Kentucky.

Rep. Charlie Miller: Asleep at the Wheel!

Charlie Miller Express

Rep. Charlie Miller: Asleep at the Wheel!

Truth or Dare? Rep. Charlie Miller, is it true that according to the latest unemployment data, Southwest Jefferson County (40272) has an unemployment rate of 10.4%? Truth. Rep. Miller, is it true that despite serving as Co-Chair of the House Education Committee, the dropout rate at district school Valley High School still sits at 6.16%? Truth. Rep. Miller, is it true that despite winning Kentucky “Outstanding Principal of the Year” in 1987-1988, 1990-1991, 1994-1995, 1998, that Frost Middle School, which was in your district until 2013, has scored in the bottom of Kentucky’s test scores for the last ten years? Truth. Rep. Charlie Miller, is it true that you sat on the board of Norton Southwest Hospital and did nothing to prevent it’s closure? Truth. Rep. Charlie Miller, is it true that the once intended bridge from the Gene Snyder across the Ohio River was moved to East Louisville? Truth. Rep. Charlie Miller, is it true that despite serving as Vice Chair of the House Labor & Industry Committee and House Licensing & Occupations Committee’s, that development on the Greenbelt/Riverport has fell flat with empty warehouses and abandoned projects? Truth. Rep. Charlie Miller, is it true that regardless of your 15 years in the State House, you have no significant legislative accomplishment? Truth.

Rep. Charlie Miller, I dare you to stop soliciting graveyards with campaign signs. Rep. Charlie Miller, I dare you not to accept $6,900 in campaign cash from grocers and alcohol wholesalers after being lobbied to sponsor favorable legislation. Rep. Charlie Miller, I dare you to show up at community meetings and press conferences about development in Southwest Louisville. Rep. Charlie Miller, I dare you to offer support to struggling schools in your legislative district. Rep. Charlie Miller, I dare you to pick up your telephone to encourage those in real estate to further invest in our area. Rep. Charlie Miller, I dare you to sponsor Valley High or Frost Middle School basketball instead of supporting programs who rival our already broke athletic programs, such as your August 17th check to Fairdale High School. Rep. Charlie Miller, I dare you at least speak, not sleep during the coming session. Rep. Charlie Miller, I dare you to find new ways to save our state money during the 2014-2015 budget talks, not spend more. Rep. Charlie Miller, I dare you to care less about placing advertisements on public school buses as you voted in 2012, and more about how to pay for the sad busing system that you support all together.

Rep. Charlie Miller, you aren’t aware of many things in our community. One thing you ARE apparently aware of is your failed record. Why else would you bank $33,019.95 for re-election a year out? Rep. Charlie Miller, you are asleep at the wheel of South Louisville, and the unions that have bought you, the teachers you pay to wear your shirts, or the cheerleaders you pay to paint faces won’t be enough to make-up for your record, or lack thereof!

My Letter to State Rep. Charlie Miller

Dear Rep. Charlie Miller,

My name is James Young, lifelong resident of Southwest Louisville. I wanted to take the time to write you from the commons area of my favorite South-end business, Sister Beans Coffee Shop. Thank you for opening my letter.

First, I would like to introduce myself. I was born in a low-to-middle class family who lived in Fairdale. Before enrolling in middle school, my parents decided to move to Valley Station, in the heart of your 28th State House District. I attended Frost Middle School, later graduating from Valley High School with an award from the Louisville Rotary Club & scholarship to study Business Management & Accounting at a South Louisville college. Today, I work forty hours a week for a large, independent physicians group, also located in our community. I currently live with my wife in Valley Station of course, just one mile from your residence.

Since 2006, I have been interested in local politics, including following your career in the Kentucky House of Representatives. When we first met at the Southwest Festival in 2006, I asked what inspired you to continuously run for office. Maybe your response will remind you of who is writing; “I was the Principal at PRP High School,” you said. Confused in your answer, do you remember what I asked you next? In case you don’t, you spent the next ten minutes explaining how “conservative” you were.

Now being 2013, I can’t help but seem confused once again about our conversation. I see very little signs of conservatism or effort in your voting record. Despite being a multi-time Kentucky Principal of the Year & Co-Chair of the House Education Committee, you voted in favor of a 2010 budget proposal that dramatically cut education funding. I’m also curious about what you have done as Co-Chair of such a powerful committee to better the test scores at the school’s in your district, including my alma mater. You of all people in our state should understand that every school in your House District is on the “failing list.”

I am also disappointed in the decline of emergency services & medical access in our area. On your campaign literature, you brag about serving on the Board of Directors at old Norton Southwest Hospital. I find it unfortunate that you would still mention your service on the committee considering the facility no longer offers overnight services, has no beds, and is now an Emergency Room with a nursing home on the top floors. The closure of our hospital leaves thousands of Valley Station residents at risk during medical emergencies. I am surprised that a sitting lawmaker would allow such an event happen, especially while serving on the board of the hospital at the time of it’s closure.

It saddens me to see such a position as State Representative sit on the sidelines while developers & large businesses continue to invest in East Louisville instead of Dixie Highway. It has become tiring to defend our great community’s reputation while meeting individuals from other parts of town. I can hardly bear seeing such a historic, beautiful landmark at Farnsley-Moreman continue to decline in visitors and activities. Ten years ago, South Louisville was home to a city riverboat that has since been relocated downtown. When you took office, our area was still being considered as a potential location for a bridge across the Ohio, but the now the idea is laughed at.

It’s because of these issues, and the many others including your lack of communication with constituents, relative quietness on key issues such as charter schools, casino gaming, reforming our state tax code, the coming 2014 budget, the implementation of expanded Medicaid, the growing violence and drug problem in your district, your illegal campaign sign that hangs in Pleasure Ridge Park High School’s “Charlie Miller Arena,” your solicitation of grave yards in 2012, and “what are we voting on” behavior in Frankfort, that I am actively working to elect a new State Representative in District 28.

Valley Station & Pleasure Ridge Park are deserving of a fighter, a champion for smaller government, and an individual who views their job as representing the best interests of Southwest Jefferson County, not as “another vote” for Governor Beshear’s Obama-friendly ideology. I appreciate your service to our community, Principal Miller. This classroom has gotten out of control, it’s time for someone new.


Your neighbor,

James R. Young
Valley Station, KY

David Yates Loves Republicans!

SW Festival

Boy, David Yates is going to hate me. First I run into him at 2am in St. Matthews, but now I have the Councilman posing in random photos at the Southwest Festival.

Several weeks ago, I was contacted by my good friend, Don Forrest, about stopping by the GOP booth at this years picnic. After much excitement, Don revealed that he was considering switching his voter registration from Democrat to Republican. Of coarse I encouraged Don to follow-up on the act, even inviting him to spend time with me at the booth to share his testimony to our neighbors passing by.

Yesterday afternoon, Don Forrest became a Republican.

Eager to share his conversion, Don asked to capture the moment with a picture at the booth alongside myself & State Sen. Dan Malano Seum. As we posed, the Senator noticed Councilman David Yates, a Democrat, walking by the booth. As any reader of this blog would know, David Yates is known infamously by Republicans as “the guy who beat Doug Hawkins.” In the most awkward of situations, Sen. Seum yells for Councilman Yates to post for a picture. Knowing little about the situation, David Yates joined our party celebrating a lifelong Democrat’s break from his own party. Hilarious, right? Mr. Forrest later captured the moment on his personal Facebook by saying:

“Sometimes you just can’t fix it. Changed parties to try and fight for this end of town. Thanks James Young and Senator Seum.”

On behalf of Senator Dan Seum & my new friend Mr. Forrest, I’d like to say thank you David Yates! And hey Councilman, I only promised not to share this on a district-wide campaign mailer. You didn’t say anything about WordPress. Oh, one last thing. Thanks for offering me a ride in your limo that night at Drakes, though I was visiting one bar that night, it was nice of you to offer. Happy Southwest!

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Southeast Christian A Winner for Southwest!

Southeast ChristianAs some of you may know, I attend Southeast Christian Church – Blankenbaker Campus with my wife, Tanya, every few weekends. We really enjoy attending their Saturday night services, stopping by the bookstore, and occasionally sip a tasty strawberry-banana smoothie from the in-house coffee shop.

For the last two years, we have lived practically in the backyard of Valley View (Baptist) Church off South Third Street in Valley Station. We’ve always known a few friends who attend, but have only been personally invited once. Raised a Southern Baptist, I just never felt encouraged to attend Valley View, but did desire a church that honored traditional principles of the faith, but also recognized that a guitar DOES sound better than an organ at times. Make no mistake, I’m a happy member of Hillsdale Baptist Church. However, I’ve never allowed my membership to restrict me from worshiping at other area ministries such as LifeSong or Southeast Christian.

After the most recent Saturday, October 6th service, we decided to stop by a “Southwest Connection” gathering in a random classroom at the Blankenbaker campus. As we doubled the amount of people in the room, I was immediately greeted by Campus Pastor James Hauser. We quickly introduced ourselves & discussed our many connections to the community. I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant at first about getting too close, too soon, in case I just simply “didn’t feel it.” But this was different; I became extremely comfortable as I sensed a realness about the size of the project, and ultimately the hunger for reaching the lost in South Louisville.

If there’s one thing that Southeast is serious about, it’s always been outreach. From puppet shows to car washes, special needs programs to bus ministries, one thing is certain… Southeast Christian has the resources to impact any community. For South Louisvillians, a 1,200 seat auditorium with a coffee shop & nursery couldn’t sound any better. Simply building the campus alone will raise the property values of surrounding neighborhoods & encourage more business investment on Dixie Highway. Just take a look at Southeast Blankenbaker!

I’ve always joked that if Southeast Christian were to ever invest in a “Valley Station Campus,” it would be the “end” of so many small-door churches in the community. Whether the new Southwest Campus will receive many letter of transfers or not, I just can’t help but stay impressed by their big plans for the area. Southeast Christian is a winner for Southwest Louisville. Let’s give them a try!

Matt Bevin: The Question We’re All Asking?

SenateRaceSince the name “Matt Bevin” surfaced as a potential challenger to Sen. Mitch McConnell, just about the entire state has been wondering “why Mitch?” Now, we all know the enormous challenge that Bevin faces in his race for the GOP nomination, which leads us to ask the one question everyone must have for the ambitious millionaire: Why not Congress? Or Mayor?

If Bevin truly feels that Washington needs a change, then why waste what little political star you may have on an impossible campaign against the nation’s top Republican? Instead of dumping a few million bucks into the toughest primary opponent in the Republican Party, why not spend it where you could make a difference and potentially win? Say 3rd District Congressman? Stick with me.

First, let me reiterate why Bevin wouldn’t be interested in running for Louisville Mayor. As I previously wrote, Bevin is a longtime friend of liberal Mayor Greg Fischer, even donating to his campaign against Republican Hal Heiner.

Secondly, please allow me to elaborate on the idea of Bevin running against John Yarmuth for Congress. One thing I’ve always struggled with about Matt Bevin… is that his message has never been about winning in the fall, it’s always about defeating Mitch McConnell. In his debut at Fancy Farm, Bevin brought Grimes to an applause after attacking Mitch, even suggesting “we’re on the same team.” Yet, I wonder how much he disagreed with McConnell when he gave the Jefferson County Republican Party $250 on February 19th, 2010? Or when he wrote a check worth $2400 to the Republican Party of Kentucky on October 22nd, 2010? He didn’t seem to mind the party’s leadership too awful much when he wrote Mitt Romney a check for $2500 on October 15th, 2012. Better yet, he sure seemed to be pro-McConnell when he gave $10,000 to the Republican Party of Kentucky with a $1000 check on September 20th, 2012 and $9000 check on November 1st, 2012.

Again, I’ll ask: if Bevin was actually serious about impacting the federal government, he’d challenge someone that truly is for higher taxes & unbalanced budgets. Think about it, you live in the only Congressional district in Kentucky still represented by a Democrat; one that is extra cozy with President Obama & is often referred to as “Nancy Pelosi’s lapdog.” Yet, you decide McConnell is too liberal for Kentucky? Sounds like even Bevin’s good judgment was hijacked by a handful of rogue libertarians who fell in love with the idea that another “Rand Paul look alike” would come along dumb enough to challenge McConnell in a primary. This serves as further proof that Bevin’s candidacy has never been about defeating the Democrat nominee, instead about unseating McConnell.

McConnell Rand PaulThanks for keeping the lights on, Matt, but this is one fight that you’re wallet just isn’t deep enough to win.